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Elon Musk verkauft rund 5 Milliarden US-Dollar an Tesla-Aktien

by Ralph

Tata Motors shares (NYSE: TTM) is up 63% in the past 21 trading days. In comparison, the broader S&P500 index fell 0.3% over the same period. The stock rose after the company announced it would raise $ 1 billion from TPG Rise Climate for its electric vehicle business. The company has reached an agreement with TPG Rise Climate, a special climate investment strategy of the private investment firm TPG, according to which TPG and its co-investor ADQ will invest in a subsidiary of Tata Motors (which is being newly founded), in order to obtain a stake between 11- 15% in the new company. This equates to a valuation of up to $ 9.1 billion. Is the TTM share ready to grow now? Based on our machine learning analysis of the share price development over the past ten years, the probability of a rise in TTM shares in the next month (twenty-one trading days) is very low. See our analysis on Tata Motors’ Stock Chance To Go Up   For more details.

Five days: TTM 30%, vs. S & P500 1.8%; Above average market

(Very low probability)


  • Tata Motors stock   rose 30%   over a five-day trading period ended October 15, 2021   , compared to the broader market (S&P500) which rose 1.8%.
  • A change of 30% or more over five trading days has a very low probability of occurrence, which has occurred 6 times out of 2516 in the last ten years

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